Sunil Pillai Associates

Sunil Pillai Associates - SPA, is a design collaborative working in fields of exterior forms & interior design. The firm was established in 2000 and is based in Mumbai & Hyderabad. The core team is Sunil Pillai, Madhu Kabra & Danny Oliveira.

The practice has produced innovative beautiful, sustainable and practical design.

SPA intends its designs to be adaptable and resilient in a rapidly changing world. We believe good design stems from the fundamental understanding of each project's needs and potentials. We process every brief with rigor for an unique intervention for each site. Context and ongoing conversation drive each and every one of our projects. We believe in the necessity and creative power of collaboration, and orchestrate a partnership with our clients, stakeholders, consultants, and in-house team from project outset to completion and beyond. The clarity of the concept is matched by the meticulous attention to details and the diligence in their execution.

We see each project as an opportunity to contribute to the built environment around us and enhance the lives that connect to it.

Innovation, sustainability and technology, together they represent the inherent continuity and consistency of the philosophy which the practice applies to all its works.